How much are we really willing to shell out for an iPhone? That’s the loyalty test Apple is expected to deliver during the iPhone 8 product launch on Sept. 12.

With a price tag that will likely be a dollar short of $1,000, the iPhone 8 will use a screen technology called OLED — currently used by Samsung and others but a first for Apple. It will look brighter and clearer, and it may stretch almost to the edge of the enclosure.

The problem? It had better make waffles. And talk to the dead. Or offer a warm towel in the morning.

At the $999 price, a smartphone becomes more expensive than many televisions at Walmart. It’s a much higher price than the laptops I just purchased for my kids. (In fact, I bought two Lenovo models with a fast processor for $500 each.) Worse, we already have smartphones. We use them constantly, and we like how they operate — for the most part.

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